Music is in his blood... And what more can Jun Villanueva hope for than to make his dream come true, when he finally formed his own band in April 18, 1996. He teamed up with his four daughters, Jury, April, Apple and Queency and formed the Assets Band.It all started when he noticed his daughters talent and interest in music and he decided to teach them to sing and play different musical instruments. Jury learned the piano, April and Apple learned the guitar, Queency learned to play drums. Apparently while they are practicing a man came up and asks the father to play at Baranggay Fiesta in Malvar, Batangas in May 15, 1996 and surprisingly he wanted the children to play also at the said activity even though he knew that the group is just 2 weeks old only. Years later Twinkle joined her siblings. In 1998 theyre interviewed by Inday Badiday at ABS-CBNs DZMM radio. In 1999 they are featured in GMA7s Extra Extra. A year later after their first appearance in television they had a chance to perform for two consecutive months at IBC Channel 13 Alas Dose Sa Trese hosted by former Senator Eddie Ilarde. They also won a lot of band competitions.Twinkle learned to play violin after a short lesson in U.S.T. in March 2, 2002. Assets Band was later changed into The Crush named by the manager of Southern Bulls in February 2002. At first The Crush started their formal gigs at Padis Mindave, then continued to conquer different places in Manila and out-of-town shows, one of them is Cong. Suarezs District in Quezon Province.Some of their musical influences are the Beatles, Spice Girls, Corrs, Queen, Earth Wind & Fire, Santana, Destinys Child and more. Later the name The Crush changed to The Daughters.

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Officially began in december 2007 with the name "blue box razor" until they got a new member female rhyhthm guitarist "renzy yanes". "Volume Cure" was the band name proposed by their lead guitarist "aj sison". the band's music influence are Rock, Alternative and Hardcore.